Palm Springs Pest Control - Pests | Palm Springs, CA

Serving Palm Springs, CA and the surrounding areas

Palm Springs Pest Control - Pests | Palm Springs, CA

Complete solutions for termite and pest problems

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More than just your average pest control company, Palm Springs Pest Control has the versatility you're looking for to handle all the pest, rodent and bird problems you may be currently facing. Call us today to learn how you can receive a FREE inspection from our local pest control team.  

We proudly serve Palm Springs, CA.

With such a wide range of pest control services you can choose from, Palm Springs Pest Control has the answers you need when you need them. Additionally, we'll gladly offer you a monthly pest control service program that will take care of your structure throughout the entire year.

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 •  Over 19 years of pest control experience

 •  Family owned and operated

 •  Comprehensive knowledge of local pest control issues

 •  Affordable rates for local residents

 •  Prompt service that you deserve

Committed to defending your home or business from any pest problems

Why should you choose Palm Springs Pest Control?




Controlling all your pest problems

Protecting Your Home & Business:

Pests can cost thousands of dollars in damage to your home or business, yet you may not even detect the problem until the harm has already been done. Choosing a reliable pest control company can be an important decision in protecting your hard earned assets.




Protecting Your Family & Employees:

Some of the most common household pest can pose health risks to you, your family, your employees and customers. That is why a pest infestation requires prompt, knowledgeable intervention by a professional pest control company you can trust for all your pest control needs.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

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